First Batch!

Here’s a small update. I got a gallon of resin in and started to cast these today. The resin I used was Smooth-Cast 320. For the green and red ones, I used the Smooth-Cast 325 which is amber and added the color to it.

I ran into some problems with air bubbles. I had the same problem on the colored ones. I had to sand and fill parts of them. Once there painted, you won’t be able to see it but the clean-up was pretty time intensive.


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7 Responses to First Batch!

  1. luvyatoo says:

    These look great! When/where will these be available?

  2. foosh says:

    i have been wondering the same thing since the first concept sketches were drawn!!!!

  3. Bret says:

    you are on to a real winner here. If you make the final out of a soft durable rubber, it would be great for younger kids. I love the concept, simple but brilliant! A storybook about this character would be a blast, a comedy about a rogue and crazy alien looking thing!

  4. Bret says:

    could you email me your email address, thanks.

  5. eladelight says:

    sickness bro,id like to get my hands on one as quickly as possibe hit me up.

  6. Gearz4Gutz says:

    Why aren’t we hearing any more about this? This project looks like you’re ready to start meeting demand. Are you?


  7. Ben says:

    I love it!! I been looking for info on people doing their own toys with Rotomolding and your process photos helped me so much. And the design is just pure badass. Good job!