How to make a 3D image with Photoshop and your iPhone.

I’ve had a few people ask how I make an Anaglyph and here’s a tutorial to show how I do it.
I take all my pics with my iPhone4 and then use Photoshop to make them 3D. I took the 2 pics below while I was at the bookstore a few hours ago.

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Step 1
Take 2 photos of the same subject but take them about eye width apart from each other. This will mimic what each of your eyes see. Try to keep the camera steady and on the same plane. (don’t rotate, twist or flip the phone between shots!) The First Picture is the Left Eye Image. Take that and then move the camera to the right about 2 inches and take another picture. (This is the Right Eye Image)


Here’s what they look like if I flip back and forth between them.

Step 2
Open Photoshop and place both images on separate layers. Photoshop will help you correct pictures that might be off slightly. Make sure most of the horizontals match up*. Put the Left eye image on layer 1 and name it Left Eye Image and the Right eye image on layer 2 and label it Right Eye Image.

(I also brought the saturation on both images down to -75)



Step 3
Add another layer and label it Blue (layer 3) and fill it with #00ffff. This will make a solid layer of blue. Now select SCREEN from the layers pulldown filter menu*. Make a copy of this Blue layer and label it Red (layer 4). While on this new Red layer, select Image>Adjustment>Invert. This should make the layer be filled with Red. The red is actually #FF0000. (you can just fill both layers with the 2 colors but I just invert the blue to get the red)


*this is the layers pulldown filter menu

Step 4
Now change the order of the layers so you have:
Right Eye Image
Left Eye Image


Step 5
Now merge the top 2 layers which are the Red and Right Eye Image layer, then using the layers pulldown filter menu choose Multiply. Now you have your 3D image and can adjust the depth of field. Wherever the 2 colors meet, that is the picture plane. Everything in fron should come forward and everything behind it should go back. You can adjust this by making the red layer move left or right depending on your effect.



Step 6
Crop the image to get rid of any excess colors or just add a border if you want to. I hope this was easy enough to follow. The more you do them, the easier it gets!


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