Eye of the Beholder

Once Again, AEROSOL WARFARE has teamed up with Chicken Boy and OneTen Studios to bring you an event beyond compare! Saturday, Sept 21st come out and witness The Good…The Bad…and The Ugly of Graffiti! From the Dirty Grit straight off the streets…to Full Productions. From Homemade Stickers…to All out Campaign Posters! Come out and see the full spectrum of Graff in all it’s glory!

What one sees as Art is what the City usually sees as Vandalism! Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

This was a silkscreened piece I made for the Show. There were 4 different prints in all.

I got this review online:

I checked out the Eye of the Beholder” show, and was really impressed. The atmosphere is one of a run down warehouse (which it is). Aerosol Warfare had done an entire wall, and there was a wall to add your own graffiti to. The corner store installation by Chicken Boy and JESTER was really over the top, including Silk Screened images, stickers, graffiti and more. (robot guy) had an interesting T-shirt art experiment, and there was another wall full of photographs. The DJ (NME) was spinning some great music, and everyone had a great time.

Pros: music, street art, friendly
Cons: wet, hot in the summer, no free food
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

I also designed the T-shirts and flyer:

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