Coolfuel Roadtrip

TEXAS on VEGGIE OIL (episode 10)
What to do in Texas, big oil country? This is where the Aussies get clever. They buy a diesel van with 2 tanks, get graffiti artists to spray-paint the van, call it the Veggie Mate and decide to run it on straight vegetable oil. In the land of oil and home to the biggest range of fried food in the world, Shaun & Sparky set out from Galveston and head for Austin. They use fast food restaurants as their “gas” station, hook up with Miss Texas and Shaun flips burgers to pay for his veggie fuel. Meanwhile, the RV breaks down in Houston and the crew’s trip maybe over. They can’t use gas either, just biofuels. Just outside of Austin, the Veggie Mate seizes up.

Here’s a pic of the film crew, Shaun & Sparky and the van.


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