10 Years Ago

As a broke student, I got a job at a local Karate Supply Place. The building was an old 2 story piece of crap with a lot of space. The owner wanted to paint the building and got a quote for $1200. This was to just to paint it solid green.

I told him that if he gave me $300 for paint, I’d put up some sweet murals for him.
It took me a couple days to finish the building, but it turned out pretty good.

I remember standing on the top of a 10 foot ladder which was siting atop the entrance awning which is 10 feet off the ground. I was face to face with the wall as I painted the front of the building. To get down from the awning, you had to drop onto a smaller ladder which was on the ground. There was about 2 feet of freefall before you could touch the smaller ladder. One time when I was going to lunch a piece of rotten molding broke off in my hands as I was climbing down. I fell onto the ladder and managed to not bust my ass. I came so close to a face plant on the cement.

Anyway, 10 years later, the building is being sold and torn down. I heard about this and ended up painting over a piece I did 10 years ago. I have to thank all the graff heads in H-Town for respecting the building for so long. They let all the pieces stand untouched for all these years. The building was even included on an art tour for local art spots.

I’m not really sad that the building is getting torn down, but I’ll miss the old eyesore and the little piece of myself that get’s torn down with it.


Below is the original mural.

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