2 Minute Brainstorming Bio/Inspiration:

Born 1966 NJ, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Hanna-Barbera, Kung-Fu (tv show – 1972), 6 Million Dollar Man, Kustom Kars, Spaghetti Westerns, Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, Planet of the Apes, John Wayne, Led Zepplin, Maverick (James G. not Will S.), Sketchbooks, Columbo, Rockford Files, 70’s Fusion, Graffiti, Skateboards, Punk Rock, 9 Year Vacation in the US ARMY, M1A1 Tank Commander, Friedberg Germany, Sign Painting, Drumming, College, Marriage, House, My Son, Knife Throwing, Skate Rock, Anything with Toshiro Mifune,, Coffee, My Daughter, Spaceships, Support Your Local Graffiti Artist, Yet another step in my quest for international fame. Thanks!


Short Bio:

Code Name: JESTER

JESTER is his name, Digital Havoc is his Game! From Skateboards to Key Boards and everything in between, JESTER can manipulate, conjugate and detonate his tactical skills (that pay the bills) to burn your eyes with Visual Napalm!

Trained by the United States armed forces themselves, JESTER is now a digital mercenary ready to unleash his diabolical digital deeds for the right price!

His Objective? Communications! A modern-day ENIAC, JESTER makes, creates and propagates the everyday Analog into Digital Mayhem for the masses. A Wizard of OZ in his own private Cyber-Wonderland, JESTER is on his way to taking over all transmissions!



Long Bio:

Jester, born 1966 in New Jersey, discovered his Creative Mind at an early age. Growing up in the late 60’s early 70’s his first of many inspirations came in the form of Saturday morning cartoons. Eager to express himself, Jester picked up a pencil and began to draw. As Jester grew, his artistic style developed was soon introduced to skateboarding. It was through skateboarding that Jester learned how to push himself, and develop style. The fast paced, and often rough, lifestyle of a skateboarder soon had its impact on Jester’s art. Being young and skating through the streets of down town Houston, Jester found himself drawn to express himself through a style of art that he could identify with, Graffiti. With spray-can in one hand and a sketch book in the other, Jester began to further develop his new-found style of expression, picking up an appreciation for the letter, and a mastery of color. All along, the audio world of Punk Music supplied Jester’s art with that Edgy, Rough & Hardcore feel.

At the height of his youth, Jester took a 4 year vacation by joining the US ARMY in Germany. Thinking his art would suffer, Jester was amazed at the impact ARMY life had on his art. From driving tanks to commanding his own platoon, Jester was able to translate the form and function of his structured surroundings into a new style of art. By combining the fluidity of cartoons, aggressiveness of skateboarding, style and color from graffiti and the precision of the ARMY, Jester emerged with his unique style of art [he likes to call Jestograffics]. After a lengthy tour at U of H, Jester graduated with a BA in Graphic Communication and found a calling in the web design world.

Jester was a member of Aerosol Warfare (a TX based group dedicated to identifying and developing artistic talent and fulfilling its maximum potential.) Jester has shown his art in several major exhibitions both locally & nationally and had a group show in Williamsburg Brooklynn. His (graphic) work has been published in several Local, National and International books and other publications, including but not limited to: Metalheart, Los, Dos and Tres Logos, EFX Art & Design, Logo Lounge 3 and Pictoplasm.

From line art to full on production, Jester is a one man show with the creativity, experience, and heart to accomplish any goal he sets forth. When asked what he thinks about his art, he simply states: “it’s just an extension of who I am and I couldn’t live without it”


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