Love Hate Show

UPDATE* Vinyl Pulse has some more pics.

Cardboard Spaceship will present the Love Hate baby qee custom show on Thursday July 26th through the 28th at Subtext in SD. The show will feature pairs of devil and angel baby qees (Toy2r) from over fifty artists riffing on love and hate. The sweet lineup includes Jim Koch, Jermaine Rogers, Kathie Olivas, Martin Ontiveros, Tristan Eaton, Jeremyville, JESTER, Bucky Lastard, Bil BetsOviC, KMNDZ, Jon Burgerman, Riot68, Zoso, Sam Fout, Patrick Ma, Motorbot, rc44, Victor Marka, Abe Lincoln Jr, Leecifer, and many many more. In addition to the sneaks on the flier, here’s a preview of JESTER’s pieces. The pieces will be sold via silent auction ending at 10 PM on the 28th. So if you’ll be in town for SDCC, drop by and check it out.


Vinyl Pulse has a write up on it.

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