Love Hate

Cardboard Spaceship and Subtext present: Love:Hate July 26-28
680 West Beech St. No.1
San Diego CA 92101

This show features over 50 artists customizing a pair of Toy2R Bunee Angel & Devil Baby Qees and selected artwork with the theme of love/hate. There will be a silent auction that will end at 10PM on Saturday.

Participating artists include:
Jim Koch, Jermaine Rogers, Kathie Olivas, Martin Ontiveros, Tristan Eaton, Jeremyville, JESTER, Bucky Lastard, Bil BetsOviC, KMNDZ, Jon Burgerman, Riot68, Zoso, Sam Fout, Patrick Ma, Motorbot, rc44, Victor Marka, Abe Lincoln Jr, Leecifer, and many many more.


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