Shovelhead Band

Here are some Mp3’s of my old bands. I’ll post more stuff as I find it. These aren’t the best recordings but it’s all we have!

The old MP3 player broke so it’s just links for now.

Shovelhead Live at the Satellite Lounge – Houston:
Vocals – N/A
Bass – Jass Jansen
Guitar – Phil Tague
Drums – JESTER

Track List
01 Banzai Pipeline
02 Kazumi
03 Dinosaur
04 Pig Knuckle
05 Texas Voodoo Surf
06 Slow Wave
07 Guitaro
08 Build Me a Car
11 The 3 Men
12 Barbed Wire
13 Pirate’s Gold

I’m not sure of the names of these tunes. We recorded these at Stinky’s Studios.
Song 01
Song 02
Song 03
Song 04

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