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Art shows I’ve appeared in


myplasticheart gallery space on April 20th 6-9PM for a group show featuring customized 19inch Zliks by Andrew Bell. We’ve compiled a group of top shelf artists ranging from illustrators to graffiti and fine artists to try their hand on these magnificent figures!

myplasticheart nyc
210 Forsyth St
New York, NY 10002


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Gimme Shelter

Art piece for the Gimmeshelter art show.

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Houston are you Board?

Deck Art, Photography & Retrospective on Houston’s Skate Culture to benefit the Central Houston Skate Park.
CSAW, 3 Nov 2006, Mackey Gallery, 11 Nov 2006

Here’s my jedi son holding my board.

I got it featured on

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Monster Show

Domy Books, in association with Monsters For Monsters, was pleased to present, MONSTER SHOW, a compendium of awesome monster drawings.

The show was Saturday, October 28, 2006 at Domy Books.

This piece is Bic pen, pencil and marker on cardboard.

Monster Show Opening Photos

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Weapons Inspection 2

This piece was for the SXSW Weapons Inspection 2 Show in Austin.


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Metal Pig Show / Gomi Gallery

The show went on during the South by Southwest Festival on March 17 – 21, 2005

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Red vs Blue

I did 4 posters. This is the only one I can find at the moment.

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AIGA’s Loud & Clear


Saturday Night, November 13, 2004 at DiverseWorks.

The Houston Chapter of AIGA presents the 5th Annual “Loud and Clear – Texas Music Looks Like This!” An exhibition and auction of original artwork interpreting the music of Texas musicians. Nearly 400 patrons of the arts, graphic design and music gather for a unique evening of Texas style entertainment.

This year’s exhibition and auction will again feature original posters, designed by the best and brightest in Texas’ graphic design community, interpreting the music of artists whose work represents Texas music at its eclectic best.

1-Shot enamels on Masonite. I broke out the Mack 00’s for this piece!


“Pop body oh body
pop body oh body oh body eh’ om body oh ew oh um

I don’t think you ready for this jelly
i don’t think you ready for this jelly
I don’t think you ready for this
Is my body to bootylicious for ya babe”

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Weapons Inspection

McCaig-Welles Gallery Brooklyn, 3 July 2004

Here’s the Artwork

Here’s the Flyer Design

Futura 2000 and Kel 1st. NYC Graff Legends! 3 Knuckle Ring by Kel1st.

Another NYC Graff Legend, James TOP.

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Coolfuel Roadtrip

TEXAS on VEGGIE OIL (episode 10)
What to do in Texas, big oil country? This is where the Aussies get clever. They buy a diesel van with 2 tanks, get graffiti artists to spray-paint the van, call it the Veggie Mate and decide to run it on straight vegetable oil. In the land of oil and home to the biggest range of fried food in the world, Shaun & Sparky set out from Galveston and head for Austin. They use fast food restaurants as their “gas” station, hook up with Miss Texas and Shaun flips burgers to pay for his veggie fuel. Meanwhile, the RV breaks down in Houston and the crew’s trip maybe over. They can’t use gas either, just biofuels. Just outside of Austin, the Veggie Mate seizes up.

Here’s a pic of the film crew, Shaun & Sparky and the van.


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The Loft Art Show


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The Monkey Show

The first show was in Hong Kong, December 2003. It was the first ever customized figures exhibition. In 2004, the show was also shown in Paris, Chicago and Belgium.

I wasn’t into customs at the time and did the framed art piece below.

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Art Crawl



Seen UA

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From the graphics and logos to the culture and style, skateboarding and art go hand in hand! Unfortunately, artwork on skateboards (no matter how dope) isn’t meant to last past the 1st grind, making the art ‘disposable’. Aerosol Warfare is taking that concept and flipping it inside out! This time around, the Art on the board is the focus and not the gnarly tricks you can do with it.

This piece was wood burned onto a longboard.


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Eye of the Beholder

Once Again, AEROSOL WARFARE has teamed up with Chicken Boy and OneTen Studios to bring you an event beyond compare! Saturday, Sept 21st come out and witness The Good…The Bad…and The Ugly of Graffiti! From the Dirty Grit straight off the streets…to Full Productions. From Homemade Stickers…to All out Campaign Posters! Come out and see the full spectrum of Graff in all it’s glory!

What one sees as Art is what the City usually sees as Vandalism! Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

This was a silkscreened piece I made for the Show. There were 4 different prints in all.

I got this review online:

I checked out the Eye of the Beholder” show, and was really impressed. The atmosphere is one of a run down warehouse (which it is). Aerosol Warfare had done an entire wall, and there was a wall to add your own graffiti to. The corner store installation by Chicken Boy and JESTER was really over the top, including Silk Screened images, stickers, graffiti and more. (robot guy) had an interesting T-shirt art experiment, and there was another wall full of photographs. The DJ (NME) was spinning some great music, and everyone had a great time.

Pros: music, street art, friendly
Cons: wet, hot in the summer, no free food
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

I also designed the T-shirts and flyer:

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