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My first toy design

3 Amigos Pt. 2

Here are a few new pics:






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The 3 Amigos

I started this project back in 2007 so i could learn the sculpting, mold making and resin casting process. Thanks go to Gabriel Marquez and Mike Petryszak for all their help and information!!

This project got sidetracked after our daughter was born but now I finally have time to do something with them. Yay! So last week I finally dug these out of storage and painted 3 of them.


Here they are after graphics:

Here they are wityh the base coat:

Here they are before being painted:

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Blast from the past

This guy and his friends are still sitting in storage. I hope to find time to get them out and take some pics!


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Toy Update 2

The studios is almost done! We still need the AC hooked up and then the lighting etc.

I hope to get back to the toy as soon as I can. If you contacted me, I still have your info and will send out an email once I’m back in action.




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Toy Update

Sorry for the long silence! I’m spending most my time trying to finish up my studio. All my supplies are in storageĀ and I’m not able to finish these up at the moment. I hope to be up and running near the end of October.

Thanks to everyone who’s inquired about the project! I really appreciate it.


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First Batch!

Here’s a small update. I got a gallon of resin in and started to cast these today. The resin I used was Smooth-Cast 320. For the green and red ones, I used the Smooth-Cast 325 which is amber and added the color to it.

I ran into some problems with air bubbles. I had the same problem on the colored ones. I had to sand and fill parts of them. Once there painted, you won’t be able to see it but the clean-up was pretty time intensive.


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New Pics

I was able to take some pics today. The gray one hasn’t been cleaned up yet. I wet sanded the green one a little. There was a lot of small air bubbles in the green one.


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Rotocaster Videos

These are 2 videos of my friend Mike Petryszak’s rotocaster. Mike does some excellent work.

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Solid Casts

Here are the 2 colored ones using the tinted amber resin. These weren’t rotocast like the first one.

The second pic is back lit from outside and really shows the color off. These have not been cleaned up yet. There’s a small line where the molds comes together but it can be sanded off pretty easy.


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First Rotocast!!

Here is the first rotocast! The original sculpt is on the left.


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Second Part Done

Got the second side done! It de-molded fine with no damage to the sculpt.
You notice the other half is blue. We used a quick cure catalyst so I could try to prep for casting tomorrow.


The Pour Spout

Here is the pour spout. When it is rotocast, I put the plug in. There is a small hole drilled in the plug so that some of the heat can vent.

The resin gets hot and expands. The hot air would bulge the mold if it couldn’t escape. The heat and a little resin goes out the hole.

You have to put a little zip lock bag around the plug when you rotocast it so it will catch the resin. If not, the resin will fly around the room. (I learned all this from Mike Petryszak)


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More mold making pics


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The Mold Has Begun!

Doesn’t he look so comfortable!!

Here’s a look at the clay for the mold. I need to make walls on the sides then pour the silicon. Once that’s done, I’ll pour the second half of the mold.


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Dance Video

Click the image below to see a little animation with my toy design. I need to get some graphics on the toy but this is still rough.

The music is my old band Shovelhead.


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New Turnaround

Here is a turnaround of the newest pics I just got today!


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